Lion's Fire-Rated Solution

To allow for an open staircase connecting all five levels of the new Lion offices, the design team specified concealed Won-Door FireGuard 180 doors.

No matter how innovative an interior design concept, it can only come into being when all the regulatory boxes have been ticked. And this applies to open stairwells, such as the sculptural staircase in the new Lion offices in Homebush, Sydney.

Normally such stairwells need fire-rated doors on each landing, which would negate the benefits of a staircase designed to encourage interaction and allow a sense of transparency.

The design team at Project Control Group came up with an ideal solution, however, which met the provisions of the Building Code of Australia. They specified custom-built Won-Door FireGuard 180 doors with smoke control on each floor.

Ray Pickles of Won-Door New Zealand says the firm designed, supplied and installed a custom solution with the Won-Door FireGuard doors stored out of sight in pockets.

“When a smoke detector or fire alarm is activated the doors close off the stairwell, but still allow a means of egress for anyone caught on the stairs.”

Pickles says eight of the openings were approximately 9m wide by 2.8m high, while the ground-floor opening was approximately 23m wide by 2.8m high. The doors follow a curved track, with the ground-floor doors curving a full 180° to form a U shape around the stairwell.

“Because of the curves it was not possible to use a light beam to monitor the opening and ensure it remained clear so that the doors could close in event of a fire. The solution was to programme the built-in microprocessor on each door to run an obstruction test in the early hours of each morning.”

Won-Doors can be manufactured up to 8.4m high and 40m wide. The firm says that after 30 years and tens of thousands of installations, there has never been a report of a failure of a door to close in a fire situation.
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The new Lion offices at Homebush, Sydney feature a sculptural, open staircase with concealed Won-Door FireGuard 180 doors. The doors which run on twin tracks in the ceiling, are automatically triggered to close when a smoke detector or fire alarm is activated. The doors run on mains power, but have back-up batteries that will last several days in the event of a power cut.


NZ Fire Rated Doors

Fonterra logo

Fonterra built their coolstore in Crawford Street, Hamilton, as the flagship cool storage hub for the North Island, responsible for international distribution of Fonterra’s dairy products produced in the Waikato region. The coolstore was built with productivity, quality and safety in mind.

Storage is available for up to 54,000 MT of cheese and butter. The building is divided into 3 separate fire cells. However railway lines run the length of the building on one side to allow trains to deliver directly into the coolstore. 

Won-Door was the only product on the market that in an emergency could be automatically deployed across the railway tracks to provide a 3 hour fire rating, complementing the other fire mitigation measures, and completing the separation of the building into the 3 fire cells. 

In this way Fonterra and its insurers could mitigate any loss from a fire to one third of the stock (contained in the cell where fire broke out) and still keep looking after customer needs with the remaining stock. Won-Door will be an essential part of any future coolstores of this type and size.
Case_Study_1.jpg Case_Study_2.jpg Case_Study_3.jpg
3 individual fire cells FireGuard open for normal use In the unlikely event of an
Case_Study_4.jpg Case_Study_5.jpg
FireGuard automatically closes
to contain any spread
FireGuard closed to mitigate any damage

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