Cross Corridor Door
FireGuard  Fire door/barrier

Cross Corridor Door


Finally... A cost-effective alternative to Cross Corridor Fire Doors on hold opens
  • Unobstructed corridors
  • No exposed hardware
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Integrated pocket cover door
  • UL1784 smoke label
  • UL10B fire ratings up to 90 minutes
  • Meets all egress requirements

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The Won-Door FireGuard system provides opportunities for architects to open up spaces in the buildings they design, while still complying with fire code requirements.

Each FireGuard fire door/barrier is constructed of two separate parallel walls of 24 gauge steel panels that have been v-grooved to add strength.

The walls are separated by a 150 to 200mm dead air space and a fire protective liner along the top of the door, which makes Won-Door an excellent choice of fire resistant doors.

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Typical applications where Fire Protection doors & barriers can be used:

Ideal for fire and smoke control in the following areas:
  • Conference centres
  • Open plan offices
  • Open staircases
  • Lift lobbies
  • Atriums
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Casinos

FireGuard allows wide open spaces to be closed down automatically in the event of a fire alarm or smoke detector activation. Separate mixed occupancies into discrete fire cells after hours or in an emergency.

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