Cross Corridor Door

A cost-effective alternative to Cross Corridor Fire Doors on hold opens

  • Unobstructed corridors
  • No exposed hardware
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Integrated pocket cover door
  • UL1784 smoke label
  • UL10B fire ratings up to 90 minutes
  • Meets all egress requirements of the International Building Code and NFPA

Design advantages of horizontal sliding doors compared with traditional solutions

  • Completely clear opening
  • No exposed hardware
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Innovation in design; improved interior environmental quality

Setting the standard

  • The first to gain universal acceptance - The development of the accordion type, horizontally sliding fire door – as manufactured by Won-Door – has had a profound influence on the model code requirements that regulate their use, leading to its universal acceptance for use in virtually any means of egress application within the International Building Code.
  • The first to be UL Listed - The Won-Door FireGuard™ was the first accordion type fire door to successfully pass USA tests to withstand the passage of fire. Won-Door FireGuard™ products are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for up to three hours as a rated door assembly and assessed for two hours under AS1530.4.
  • Still on the cutting edge - Only the Won-Door FireGuard™ uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor activated control system to guarantee reliability and enhance door function. This technology provides almost limitless opportunities for electronic communication, supervision, alarm activation and more.
  • Re-Engineered for the 21st Century - In 2010, Won-Door Corporation engineers accepted the challenge to develop a better and more cost-effective alternative to cross-corridor fire doors. The goal was to create a fire door system that could replace traditional side-hinged fire doors on electromagnetic hold-opens. The solution had to be cost competitive with traditional fire doors, meet all egress requirements, keep the corridor completely clear and require no more space than side-hinged doors. While seemingly impossible, Won-Door engineers achieved all of their goals and more.

More design advantages of horizontal sliding doors compared with traditional solutions

  • Daylight and views; allow more light and air into interior spaces
  • Integrated pocket cover door
  • UL10B fire ratings up to 90 minutes

Use Won-Door FireGuard™ Cross Corridor in lieu of swing doors

Building codes restrict the maximum width of a swinging door leaf to 1,200mm. Therefore, a pair of side-hinged doors can span an opening no more than 2,400mm wide. In this example, the corridor opening has been reduced to 2,400 x 2,400mm to accommodate the maximum door leaf available. The cost of the opening protection includes the doors, doorframe, hardware and surrounding metal stud and drywall construction.

The new Won-Door FireGuard™ Cross Corridor Door allows for wide open corridors anywhere an opening protective is required. The width and height of the corridor can be maintained allowing for improved sight lines, natural lighting and air flow. By eliminating the need for the surrounding construction, the resulting cost of the opening protections is similar to other options.

The Won-Door FireGuard™ Cross Corridor fire door meets all egress requirements set forth by IBC and NFPA. It is the only microprocessor-controlled fire door on the market that has an Integrated Self-Supporting Track System and a unique flat lead-post design that acts as a pocket cover door.

Quality and Service
Won-Door’s team of specialists makes sure that things go smoothly every step of the way – from order to installation:
  • Won-Door sales representatives are located throughout world. They can help you find the solutions that are right for your project.
  • Engineers and draftsmen provide technical support as you prepare your bid package, helping to simplify your task of meeting code requirements and creating design layouts.
  • Factory trained installers make sure your doors are installed correctly for each application.

More design advantages of horizontal sliding doors compared with traditional solutions

  • UL 1784 Smoke Label available
  • Constructed of 25% post consumer/industrial content
  • One corridor, two fire door options, same cost


Specifying the Won-Door FireGuard™ Cross Corridor

Why? Without the use of floor tracks or exposed hardware of any kind, these fire doors are the most trouble-free product in the fire protection industry.
  • Integrated pocket cover door
  • Custom made to fit your design without compromising code requirements
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Modular construction means in-place repairability
  • No parts exposed to wear and tear
  • Fewer service calls
  • Can be reset by building management by simply pushing a button
  • Backup power supply so door operates even during a power outage
  • Greatly reduced stack space increases useable space
  • Meets all egress requirements set forth by IBC and NFPA
  • Access control options available
  • Cost competitive with other solution

  • Our Design Manual, containing a complete summary of architectural details and specifications, is available for free from your local Won-Door Representative, or call NZ 0800 688 555, AUS 1800 682 965 to order.
  • Additional videos, in a variety of formats, can be downloaded from our online video archive. These informative short movies cover a range of topics and code compliance.

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