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Won-Door  takes building security to the next level.

What else would you expect from an industry leader that, over the last 40 years, has kept pace with the increasingly complex and demanding model building codes. Won-Door offers a superior line of retractable access control barrier solutions that includes the rigorously tested, field-proven Won-Door FireGuard. In today’s world, the need to protect persons and property from acts of terrorism and other breaches of security has taken on even greater importance.Code compliance, while still important, is no longer enough.

Based on knowledge gained testing and improving the Won-Door FireGuard, Won-Door engineers have developed the SteelCurtain.
Added security features and a unique software program called Advanced Synchronized Locking (ASL)enable building owners and businesses to provide a new level of protection against unwanted intruders suspect packages and unauthorized access as well as from smoke and fire.

In addition to safety and security issues, the cost-saving benefits of the SteelCurtain and ASL can be realized across the board. Of special interest to the security consultant is the fact that ASL can interface seamlessly with most other electronic monitoring systems or can be used independently to monitor Won-Door products as well as all other doors in the facility. Design professionals can offer their clients the money-saving benefits of the SteelCurtain/ASL package by solving means of egress problems and security issues at the same time. Building owners will find that the SteelCurtain can be easily installed in new as well as existing construction.

A recent addition to a family of products

The SteelCurtain is a recent addition to a family of products that includes the fire-rated Won-Door FireGuard and the acoustically-rated DuraSound. Ease of operation and the ability to span virtually any opening – even extra large or curved openings can be accommodated with a single door – are what set the Won-Door folding partition apart from other opening protective options.

The SteelCurtain has UL listings for fire resistance of up to 3 hours, therefore it not only meets, but exceeds, most code requirements. It has been accepted by all the US model building codes and the IBC for almost unrestricted use in egress applications.

The SteelCurtain provides for public safety as well as building security and is often the only practical solution available.

The SteelCurtain can be equipped with electronic locking hardware and is installed with a state-of-the-art microprocessor (with battery backup) which constantly monitors all door components as well as the openings. With ASL, Won-Door’s user friendly software, on-site security personnel can control each Won-Door as well as every other door within the monitored system. They can diagnose malfunctions, open the doors and preprogram closings for both normal business and holiday or weekend hours. Additionally ASL can be programmed to send door status and malfunction information to a remote site using a modem.

Within seconds after an “incident” has been detected anywhere within the monitored system, the doors in that area can be selected and instructed to close.Simultaneously ASL will gather information detailing when and where the breach occurred. In addition to the basic benefits of all Won-Door FireGuard doors, other security features can be included to provide additional damage control. Each SteelCurtain is made to order and can be engineered to meet your specific security requirements by adding an alarm, a motor brake, access control card reader or locking mechanism.


Building Security and Access Control Applications

Compartmentalization in high occupancy facilities
In airports, schools, museums and other public facilities, large volumes of people must be able to pass freely through the corridors. The Won-Door SteelCurtain is capable of spanning openings of virtually unlimited widths and heights up to 7 metres. The doors remain in the open position, hidden in wall pockets, unless there is an emergency situation. Upon the activation of a fire alarm, or when activated by security personnel, the doors will close immediately and compartmentalize the facility. The doors will remain in the closed position until the situation is under control.
won-door security computer
With software developed by Won-Door, your
personnel can monitor and operate
every door within the monitored system.

won-door security pentagon
Won-Door deployable barriers are used
throughout the Pentagon.

The following example illustrates how compartmentalization works.
Just days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, a security breach was reported at Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport in Burbank, California. Won-Door Fireguard doors, which had been installed in four locations, were immediately activated by security personnel. Movement within the terminal was restricted while a search was conducted and the occupants were safely evacuated.

After hours control of access
Schools, churches and government facilities, in order to minimize vandalism, need to restrict access after hours. Yet, because the building is a public facility, some groups may have a legitimate reason to be there. When a recognized patron informs building security of their intent to either enter or leave the facility, a specific door can be put in the “Patron Access” or “Once” mode so it will open briefly to allow passage, then resume the closed and secure position. Should the need arise, security personnel have the ability to secure portions or all of the facility at their finger tips.

Executive protection
Protecting the company’s executives as well as its assets is an essential part of a corporate emergency preparedness plan. While some executives may fail to recognize the importance of ensuring their personal safety, savvy investors do not.The SteelCurtain is an unobtrusive barrier that can rapidly deploy to protect the senior management team so they can continue to lead the company during a critical situation. When retracted, access to executives appears unrestricted allowing staff and upper management to interact freely during normal business operation.

Physical Security Controlled Access by Design

Finding the balance between creativity and a client’s desire for better security just got easier. Dramatic open space designs need not be scaled back to support security and safety measures. If you can imagine it, Won-Door deployable barriers
  • Capable of spanning heights up to 7 metres, unlimited widths and curved openings
  • Can protect it. High traffic flow requirements can be met with room to spare while emergency situations automatically restrict access in seconds


Time-Proven and Field-Tested

Drawing on time-proven technology developed over the past 40 years, the SteelCurtain combines the field-tested features of the Won-Door FireGuard with a powerful new software program called Advanced Synchronized Locking (ASL) to create a security package like none other in today’s market.
  advanced synchronized locking
   The SteelCurtain is installed with
   a state-of-the-art microprocessor
   (with battery backup) which
   constantly monitors all door
   components as well as the openings.
Features of the SteelCurtain
  •  UL listings for fire resistance for 20 minute, 1 hour, 1-1/2 hour, 3 hour and temperature rise applications
  •  approved by the model building codes for use in most egress applications
  •  easy access, even by persons with disabilities; meets all ADA requirements
  •  tight fitting floor sweep and fire liner provide an effective seal for blocking smoke and toxic fumes
  •  electronic locking and security hardware
  •  state-of-the-art microprocessor
  •  back-up DC power supply
  •  folds to centimetres per metres of door
  •  no floor track required
  •  patented track and trolley system allows the door to accommodate curved openings; span virtually unlimited  widths, heights up to 7 metres
  • many color and finish options

Protecting the company’s executives as well as its assets is an essential part of a corporate emergency preparedness plan.

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