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Features of Advanced Synchronized Locking (ASL)

  •  Windows-based
  •  The ability to monitor and operate, on one computer, all doors logged into the system
         - up to 256 doors
         - in one location or many
         - Won-Door products or any other door in the facility
  •  Generation of detailed diagnostic report can be directed to security personnel or any other department requiring information on the activity of every door monitored by the system
          - includes such pertinent items as the time and date of the malfunction, the location of the door and      
            the type of error
  •  Can be programmed to dial – via modem – various phone numbers in case of a breach or malfunction including maintenance or security personnel, fire or police department or off-site security company
  •  From a centrally located computer doors can be:
         - instructed to perform various functions such as open, open once, close, lock or unlock
         - programmed to report various errors such as security violation, low battery, obstruction, thermal           
           lockout, drivetrain malfunction
         - programmed to call in at preset times to report its status
  •  Create a time-stamped log of all door activity
  •  Can interface with other electronic monitoring systems such as fire alarms, access control systems, sprinkler flow valves and smoke detectors

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