DuraSound & DuraFlex

DuraSound (acoustic) & DuraFlex (non-acoustic) aluminium accordion folding partitions offer a range of sight and sound barrier solutions for your space division. These partitions are also known as room dividers, accordion walls and concertina doors.

A great solution for:

Educational Facilities
Community Centres
Early Childcare Centres
Sports Clubs & Gyms
Conference & Meeting Rooms
Elderly Care Facilities
Multi-Purpose Areas


Won-Door FireGuardTM provides opportunities for architects to open up spaces in the buildings they design, while still complying with fire code requirements. A proven, trouble free solution to compartmentalizing a building from fire and smoke.

A great solution for:

Retail Spaces
Elderly Care Facilities
Sports Facilities
Educational Facilities
Government Projects

Won-Door is the most cost-effective partition on the market

The cost of any partition is not just the purchase price, but the total cost over its effective lifetime. Won-Door folding partitions perform multiple functions, cost less to install and maintain, while lasting longer than any other folding partition.

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