FireGuardTM Security

FireGuard steel accordion fire doors may also be used as a security type door. FireGuard Security (FGS) is supplied with added security features which enable the door to be used for purposes such as tenancy area separation, public and private area division, or (as is increasingly required in the US market) security lock down of large public spaces in the event of a threat.

Please note – For Technical Details, Drawings and Specifications on FireGuard Security models please refer to standard un-insulated model FireGuard page or the insulated FireGuard Moveable Firewall page and select the model ‘with security’.

Features of FireGuardTM Security

Remote Controlled

Won-Door FireGuard can be specified to be operational via a Key Switch or programmed into the BMS where the door(s) can be automatically closed from a remote location at the press of a button.

Fast Response

High speed opening and closure can be specified for high threat areas or wider openings.

Key Switch

Door can be specified to be operational via a key switch for tenancy closure and security separation benefits.

Specified Additions

The Won-Door can be specified with added hardware and componentry so that when the door is closed via the key switch or BMS it will be locked in the closed position. This means it cannot be manually pushed open and no one can pass through. A standard model Won-Door FireGuard can always be manually pushed open if required.

Note: in Security mode the egress through the Won-Door is disabled via the Fire Exit Hardware. However, if the door is put into fire alarm mode then the Fire Exit Hardware activates and allows egress.