FireGuardTM Security AFG

All FireGuard assemblies under the below sizes are now supplied with STANDARD Security features and issued as an AFG model “Access FireGuard”. The same tested and trusted FireGuard door assembly, with added Security and Access control features.

  • Flat Lead Post AFG (Access FireGuard)
    for assemblies up to 12.192m wide x 3.657m tall
  • Narrow Lead Post AFG (Access FireGuard)
    for assemblies up to 12.192m wide x 4.572m tall

Features of FireGuardTM Security (Model AFG)

STANDARD Security (provided on all AFG model assemblies).

Features include anti-sway brackets mounted internally in the door, preventing movement at the bottom of the door; Motor brake locking the door into the closed position with a 600 lb. resistance to forced entry; Heavy duty track support system for high use and abuse conditions; Security jamb stops to secure the door to the pocket end. The included high speed motor closes and secures the door at a rate of 18”- 24” per second.

ADVANCED Security (optional extra)

All features of Standard Security and including LOK Module and Remote Line Interface (RLI) provided for integration to the building security system for access control. (See 2.04 G of specifications for description of capabilities.)

Note: Straight & Curved FireGuard assemblies larger than the above sizes may also be specified with STANDARD or ADVANCED Security on request.