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Won-Door FireGuard


Won-Door FireGuard is a horizontal accordion sliding fire door which sits concealed away inside a pocket cavity, closing automatically under an alarm activation. Assessed by BRANZ to AS1530.4:2014 to 120 minutes integrity and available up to (-/120/-). Won-Door are the world pioneer and market leader in accordion fire doors and are a trusted solution by leading Architects and Fire Engineers all over the world, from the Guggenheim Museum in Spain to the Pentagon in Virginia, USA. FireGuard is installed in passive fire protection applications as a superior reliability and egress solution to alternatives such as;

  • Fire/Smoke Curtains
  • Fire/Smoke Shutters
  • Operable Fire Shutters

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Won Door FireGuard open
Won Door FireGuard partially open
Won Door FireGuard closed

Why specifiers use FireGuard

  • Unrivalled Reliability
  • Fully concealed & hidden
  • Egress through opening with Fire Exit Hardware
  • AS1530.4:2014

Won-Door FireGuard provides unrivalled passive fire protection opportunities for architects to open up spaces in the buildings they design, while still complying with fire code requirements. A proven, trouble free solution to compartmentalizing a building from fire and smoke. Specifiers chose FireGuard as it offers superior reliability compared to fire & smoke curtains while also providing a solution that is completely concealed and hidden from view.

FireGuard is constructed of two separate parallel walls of 0.511mm steel panels that have been v-grooved to add strength. The walls are separated by a 150 to 200mm dead air space and a fire protective liner along the top of the door, which makes Won-Door an excellent choice of fire-resistant doors. FireGuard passed the rigorous UL 3-hour rating test and has been assessed by BRANZ to AS1530.4:2014 for 120 minutes integrity rating.

The development of the accordion type, horizontal sliding fire door – invented by Won-Door Corporation in USA – has had a profound influence on the model code requirements that regulate their use. They may replace traditional solutions in virtually any means of egress application.

A solution that is unobtrusive & hidden, while still being extremely effective for smoke and fire protection as well as egress pathways.

Fire Exit Hardware

All Won-Door FireGuard model doors come standard with Fire Exit Hardware (FEH) so the door can be used as a means of egress for safe passage through the opening during a fire. The FEH can also be removed from the door if the pathway is not to be used as a means of egress in the event of a fire.

Won-Door can be programmed to open back up for egress in the event of alarm activation. The door will open by pressing the Fire Exit Hardware. The FEH is located on both sides of the Won-Door and is set at a height so people in a wheelchair can still gain egress by rolling into the panel.

There are two parameters to be set regarding the Fire Exit Hardware;


  1. The distance you want the Won-Door to re-open.

This can be set anywhere from 813mm to the full width of the opening.

  1. The length of time the Won-Door will remain open for until it seeks to re-close?

This can be anywhere from 3 to 30 seconds.

Select a model of Won-Door FireGuard:

FireGuardTM Flat Lead Post

Won-Door FireGuard™ Flat Lead Post has an integrated ‘Flat Lead Post’ on the leading edge of the door and is specifically designed for Straight, Single Parting applications.

  • Integrated pocket cover door
  • Width restriction of 12.192m
  • Height restriction of 3.657m
  • No Curves (Straight only)
  • Single Parting only

FireGuardTM Narrow Lead Post

Won-Door FireGuard™ with Narrow Lead Post is the most popular model supplied all over the world.The Narrow Lead Post model has a traditional male/female fire and smoke seal for the Lead Post and Strike Wall.

  • Pocket Cover Door “by others”
  • Virtually no width restrictions
  • Heights up to 8.534m
  • Single and Bi-Parting options

FireGuardTM Curved

Won-Door FireGuard™ Curved doors use the Narrow Lead Post design. Standard radius are 1524mm (5‘) and 3048 (10’). Custom radii available on request.

  • Pocket Cover Door “by others”
  • Virtually no width restrictions
  • Heights up to 8.534m
  • Single and Bi-Parting options

Features of FireGuardTM

Compliable Egress

Meets all egress requirements for IBC Chapter 10 and NFPA Chapter 7.

High Fire Ratings

U.L. listed for up to 3-hours (“A” label) & assessed by BRANZ to AS1530.4:2014 for 120 minutes integrity rating.

Best in Market

FireGuard is a world pioneer and market leader in accordion fire doors, with a reliability that has seen no reported failures of FireGuard in the event of a fire alarm.

Closing System

Automatic closing system listed in accordance with U.L. 864.


Trusted by leading Architects & Fire Engineers all over the world.


Tested in accordance with U.L. 10B.