Design Flexibility & Utility with Insulated DuraSound Partitioning

DuraSound moveable partitioning solutions help create energy-efficient environments for an Auckland church.

Completed in August 2022, this new Auckland chapel has been designed by Stephenson & Turner Architects to be a flexible and innovative facility for its members. With spaces that can be quickly and efficiently compartmentalised to create learning and sporting environments that best fit this client’s needs.

A typical day could see basketball and volleyball in the morning, singing in the afternoon and religious teachings in the evening. For such demanding commercial spaces architects need an area separation solution that can be operated quickly and effortlessly, while also helping to reduce the building’s dependance on heating and cooling solutions by providing a temperature control barrier. Won-Door’s DuraSound model moveable partition is not only specified as an acoustic barrier, but also installed to reduce the running costs of a commercial building by providing a thermal barrier between two interior spaces.

There are five DuraSound model Won-Doors specified in this stunning Auckland Church facility to help create warm, safe, and adaptable spaces for the congregations hundreds of members. DuraSound is an entirely top hung, twin-walled aluminium partition. The twin-walls are continuously lined inside with an acoustic thermal insulation blanket. With Won-Door’s patented twin wall system engineered with an effective air cavity in-between to trap air and reduce the amount of heat energy lost between spaces.

DuraSound has been a trusted area separation solution for this church for over 35 years with 3,000+ installations throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Won-Door has proven itself to be the most cost-effective area separation solution on the market with an un-rivalled 20+ year lifespan.

Won-Door model DuraSound features include:

  • Manufactured here in New Zealand (and NZ owned!)
  • Lightweight (only 18kg per m²)
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Extremely durable and hardwearing
  • No floor tracks, completely top hung assembly
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • 3-Year Warranty

Won-Door’s DuraSound model folding partitions perform multiple functions, cost less to install and maintain and last longer than any other area separation solution on the market.

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