Won-Door Resolves Key Passive Fire Challenge for Commercial Bay and PWC Tower

Won-Door FireGuard Resolves Key Passive Fire Challenge for Commercial Bay and PWC Tower

The pedestrian link located on Level 2 between Commercial Bay and the PWC Tower posed several critical passive fire challenges and design restrictions. Won-Door FireGuard (assessed by BRANZ to AS1530.4) was specified to ensure code compliant fire protection of a very tall opening, while still offering full egress through both sides of the fire door. The solution also tied in with the comprehensive & modern urban laneway design by concealing itself away inside a hidden pocket behind the walls. Martin Feeney, Holmes Fire Principal explains how the flexibility of Won-Door FireGuard overcame these design challenges.

“The functional and architectural design for Commercial Bay provides access between the lobby of the PwC Tower and the Commercial Bay retail space. This pedestrian link between the two buildings is approximately 3 metres wide and 6 metres tall. It crosses a property boundary and a fire separation boundary between two different evacuation zones and separate fire protection systems. The link also provides a fire escape route from each building, requiring the flexibility to cater for fire egress in both directions.

Providing a fire separation between the retail space and lobby foyer while addressing the complex and conflicting egress requirements presented a significant challenge to the design team. A Won-Door Fireguard fire shutter was selected to address the complex fire engineering performance requirements while retaining the design vision for an open unobstructed connection between the two buildings in normal use.”

The ability of Won-Door FireGuard to solve complex fire shutter challenges that are egress complaint and remain seamlessly hidden away from view is what sets it apart from other solutions. Won-Door is a totally reliable & compliant solution with a proven track record all over the world. Won-Door New Zealand worked closely with Holmes Fire and Warren & Mahoney Architects to ensure all specification and design challenges were met for this Commercial Bay fire door and offer full warranty and servicing on all FireGuard products.

Fun fact: There was also a Won-Door FireGuard installed back in the early 90’s in the original Downtown Shopping Centre which was cleared to make way for Commercial Bay. Nearly 30 years later and we see a new shopping centre with the same trusted fire solution being specified.

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