Won-Door FireGuard Flat Lead Post

FireGuardTM Flat Lead Post

Won-Door FireGuard™ with Flat Lead Post is specifically designed for straight, single parting applications that are up to 12.192m wide and up to 3.657m in height. The main feature is that the Won-Door has an integrated steel “Flat Lead Post” on the leading edge of the door. The Flat Lead Post forms the pocket cover door when the Won-Door is stacked away in the closed position. The Flat Lead Post model stacks more efficiently and therefore requires less pocket depth.

Unique features of this fire door include:

  • Straight doors up to 12.192m wide x 3.657m high
  • Integrated pocket cover door included
  • For single parting doors only
  • 610mm rated surface required on strike wall perpendicular to door

Features of FireGuardTM Flat Lead Post

Integrated Pocket Cover Door

Incorporates a flat lead-post design with an integrated pocket cover door, which is part of the assembly and covered by the U.L. label.

Unitized Track System

Can be supplied with the Unitized Track System (UTS) which eliminates the layers of plywood and drywall found in conventional accordion fire door headers.

Automatic Closing System

State of the art microprocessor control that meets U.L. 864 requirements.

Smaller Storage Pockets

The required storage pocket depths have been reduced by over 50%. For example, a 2.440m wide door requires only a 457mm deep storage pocket.

Alternative To Side Hinged Fire-Doors

Won-Door FireGuard™ doors are single source assemblies that eliminate the expense and associated maintenance costs of metal frames, astragals, etc.

FireGuard Flat Lead Post

Limitations of the Won-Door FireGuardTM Flat Lead Post

  • The Flat Lead Post requires a fire rated strike wall surface that is a minimum 610mm wide. This is a much wider strike wall surface than the Narrow Lead Post model.
  • The integrated steel Flat Lead Post comes standard in the colour Platinum to match the Won-Door panels. Custom colours may be specified for the face of the integrated Flat Lead Post, however the Won-Door panels can only be supplied in the colour Platinum. Note that with the Narrow Lead Post model the Pocket Cover Door is “by others” and can be designed by the architect to blend in flawlessly with the surrounding environment.
  • Size restrictions of 12.192m wide x 3.657m wide.
  • Flat Lead Post is only available as a Single Parting door (not Bi-Parting).
  • Flat Lead Post can only be used for Straight doors (not curves).

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